Equipilates™ classes

Weekly classes available at various locations (see calendar) Improve your posture, core strength, balance, flexibility in these fun weekly sessions  (4 weekly continuous blocks)

Equipilates™ Biomechanics screenings

Available by appointment.

Intrinsic biomechanics screenings and correlating exercises address any low grade muscle spasm, nerve and joint mobility issues which may be affecting your ability to use your core muscles, your shock absorption capacity and your symmetry in the saddle.

The pelvis is the first part of your body which receives movement forces directly from the horse, and therefore restrictions here directly influence your position in the saddle- it is really common to have a pelvis which is twisted, shifted or tilted to the side, perhaps tipped too far forwards or backwards on one or both sides and legs which aren’t quite the same length!

These issues, which can develop into discomfort and compensatory patterns involving many other areas of your body, will be pinpointed in your screening and are so often helped quickly with simple and effective exercises.

Equipilates™ Class schedules:

Monday 6-7pm at Priory Farm Equestrian Stafford (starts 3rd April)

Tuesday 7-8pm at MCF Equestrian

Wednesday 7-8pm at Audley Community Centre (starts 5th April)

Wednesday 8-9pm at Audley Community Centre (starts 5th April)

Thursday 10-11am at MCF Equestrian

Thursday 7-8pm at St Margaret’s Church Hall Draycott


Rider Alignment Clinic at MCF Equestrian Friday 31st March 7-8.30pm

Rider Alignment Clinic T Priory Farm Equestrian Sunday 9th April