Rider alignment training available by appointment. Combining the scales of training with techniques to help improve the riders position and influence on the horse.

Jo is a UKCC coach as well as an Equipilates Affiliated Instructor. She combines her knowledge of the dressage training and the scales of training to ensure both horse and rider benefit from training sessions.

Her RideinLign approach to teaching focusses on rider alignment as well as the scales of training.

Horse won’t bend one way? Is he/she easier on one rein? You could be sitting slightly crooked and this will have a huge impact on the way the horse can perform.

Ever been told to sit up? Sit straight? Put your leg on? You’re tilting? But you aren’t aware you are doing it? Most riders have some form of crookedness, and it’s not always as easy as just sitting up!! Sometimes your body physically can’t do it! Jo will help you to sit effectively in the saddle and perform to the best of your ability, therefore improving the horses way of going too. A crooked rider = a crooked horse and vice versa, Jo will work with you to overcome any problems you are experiencing through crookedness or tension.